What is Clinical Nutrition?

“Roughly two out of three U.S. adults are overweight”

 Childhood obesity has been called one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century,”

 There is no denying that obesity among children and adults is on the rise. As sad as it is to hear and see, poor eating habits and diets are at the root of the problem. The Standard American Diet is rich in refined sugars, highly processed foods and void of vegetables, fruits and fiber. An imbalanced or inadequate diet can lead to all sorts of issues within your body. An unhealthy diet can contribute to fatigue, autoimmune, diabetes, anemia, digestive issues, emotional and behavioral problems, and many other issues. This is what makes clinical nutrition such an important part of treatment.

Nutrition is at the core of naturopathic medicine. Each time we eat, we are either feeding illness or healing our body. What we eat, how we digest, absorb, utilize and excrete food are the naturopathic keys to optimal health.

Your body requires a certain amount of calories, proteins, fatty acids, vitamins, and fiber to maintain a high level of health and prevent future disease. As no two bodies are the same, you need a dietary plan specifically tailored to your needs. We work with our clients individually to determine your body’s needs to ensure you are eating for optimal health.

Naturopathic doctors know that there is much more to a healthy body than a simple number on a generalized scale such as BMI, we have your personal interest in mind and create what is best for YOU.

Benefits of Clinical Nutrition:

  • Weight loss
  • Increase energy
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Learn proper eating habits