What are Nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals can help to correct underlying biochemical imbalances. Biochemical imbalances can be a contributing factor to the development of various health concerns. Without the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals it can impact health and lead to further imbalances throughout the body. Biochemical imbalances often arise as a result of poor food choices, stress and increasing toxic burden levels.

Nutraceuticals are substances that have a positive physiological benefit. For example, the use of antioxidants can help with the aging process and inflammation. Other nutraceuticals such as Echinacea can help with immune support and relief. Essentially, nutraceuticals can provide you with another alternative when it comes to addressing your health concerns.

As with your treatment plans, nutraceuticals are selected based on the needs of your body and the health goals you are looking to achieve. At Infinite Wellness, we don’t believe in over-prescribing supplements, but much rather give you only what you need.

With the hundreds of companies and supplements readily available online and at local pharmacies, we understand how overwhelming it can be to know what you should be taking. Let the experts at Infinite Wellness help you determine what form and dose your body needs. We are proud to carry several reputable nutraceutical companies to help restore any existing biochemical imbalances.