1. LIN K

    Really pleasant atmosphere! Dr.Douglas is very thorough and encouraging. She explains everything that one needs to do to regain your health. Giving you small steps to accomplish your goal.…Read More

    Lin K
  2. BETH G.

    Love Dr. D and appreciate her ability to take a holistic approach to my care. Her patience and insight help me explore new possibilities of achieving and maintaining good health.…Read More

    Beth G.
  3. BETH B.

    I have worked with Dr. Douglas on my health for several reasons. She is SO approachable. There is never a visit when I am not laughing and full of smiles. In addition, she is a wealth of information and takes the time to explain things. I really trust her.…Read More

    Beth B.
  4. RACHEL C.

    Dr.D at infinite wellness is amazing! She’s helped me so much on my fitness journey. From cupping (which is life changing) to helping with my everyday health. I highly recommend!…Read More

    Rachel C.
  5. TAMMY W.H.

    I’m glad that I found Dr. D. She was referred to me by from my niece. She is a holistic Dr. that looks at your entire person. She wants you to be at your very best, not just “average for your age”! I live out of state and can still have visits online or via phone!…Read More

    Tammy W.H
  6. MAXINE C.

    This is a whole body and mind journey. The subdue ambiance relaxes you upon arrival; you feel right at home. The staff even more welcoming....I would recommend this experience to everyone Dr D, so attentive and knowledgeable. Knowing that your care is personable onto yourself makes the visit even better. I assure, you will not be disappointed in your choice.…Read More

    Maxine C.

    THIS DOCTOR REALLY DOES CARE!!! I visited Doctor D she was very professional, compassionate and knowledgeable. I will add it is very difficult to receive one of theses talents today while trying to acquire a care provider. Doctor D. was extremely knowledgeable of my health condition, especially when compared to previous care I received . Doctor D. was also very understand and accommodating concern…Read More

    Cordell W.
  8. DRE A.

    I have had the pleasure of being a patient of Dr Douglas. Not only does she have a kind manner & extremely good at what she does she is authentic and cares deeply about her patients. She helped me to see deeper into myself treating the whole body which was so helpful, like nothing I experienced before. She listens and takes her time with you. If your looking to feel your best in a holistic env…Read More

    Dre A.
  9. KELLY H.

    To be treated as if your situation is a reverse puzzle by Dr. Douglas, as though she knew, sees the whole you first, feels more comfortable for me than the other services I’ve been seeking out for Chronic Pain and Type 1 Diabetes. This way she can treat each piece of my “messed of puzzle” separately but part of the whole at the same time. It just makes sense.…Read More

    Kelly H.
  10. NICOLE B.

    Dr. Douglas is amazing. She is very caring and takes time to get to the root of the problem.…Read More

    Nicole B.